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Get your metrics with high speed video analysis and access to all your hittrax sessions - Sessions are semi-private (up to 3 players)
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Hitting - Complete Swing Analysis

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Catching Analysis - Improve transfer and pop time

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A game-changing diagnostic tool for baseball and softball players of any age and skill level. Get the data you've always wanted and become the best player you can be!

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Lakeside Baseball Club, Serving the Eastside since 2015. 

HitTrax Testimonials 

“Being in professional baseball, I talk to players and see tons more on social media using HitTrax. I love being able use HitTrax at Lakeside. I get instant feedback on every swing and see what improvements are needed. Hittrax will help improve hitters of all ages and accelerate their training and development.”

-Carmen Benedetti (GP South, UoM, Houston Astros Organization)

 Lakeside Baseball Club

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